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Auto ELG is located in Montreal’s Mile-End. Our accident repair facility provides post collision automotive rebuilds and repairs from the ground up. Our services include but are not limited to frame straightening, panel replacement, welding, painting and the technicians capable of handling any auto body issue from alloy wheel refurbishing, dent repair as well as lens restoration.

We offer all clients a FREE ESTIMATE and we deal with all the insurance companies. Our team is made of artisans dedicated to superior body repair services and exceptional customer care.

Georgios (pronounced “Yor-go”) Eleftheriadis was born and raised in Greece. After being practically raised in his father’s body shop, there was nothing that he felt he couldn’t do which was why opening Auto ELG in Montreal in 2016 seemed like the natural thing to do “I was already used to repairing accidented or rusted cars. Greece and Montreal may have very different climates but the rust caused by sea salt or road salt requires similar repairs”.


Some cars are iconic. Some cars cars remind us of our youth. Some cars cry out to be restored. Taking an automotive shell and restoring it to either it’s original state or surpasing it with custom colours or adjusted body panels is an honor and a pleasure that the team at AUTO ELG both enjoy and take as a privilege. Let us make your dreams come true and bring that old relic back to life!



From the moment you come through the door to the moment your vehicle leaves the shop it is under the microscope of over twenty five plus years of experience. It is just an important to look under the skin, the cars’ safety (and by extension yours) depends on it. During collision repairs our team of specialists will work to make sure that the below the surface are repaired as well as the surface of the car. In need of a restoration? Bring your baby in for a quote, from frame up restoration to a full repaint we can provide your dream car with a new lease on life.



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